NEW YORK- April 6, 2005 - AlmondNet, a New York-based media and advertising technology company, has signed an agreement with Lycos, Inc. to distribute its Lycos InSiteTM AdBuyer paid search advertisements throughout AlmondNet's Post-Search network, providing Lycos with a new distribution channel for paid search ads. This new distribution offers AdBuyer advertisers the opportunity to deliver ads to consumers on content sites throughout the web based on consumers' recent search queries. Based on anonymous cookies, AlmondNet's Post-Search solution gathers no personally-identifiable information and offers consumers an easy-to-use opt-out link for advertisements delivered via Post-Search. Consumers spend less than five percent of their online time visiting the major search engines and more than 95 percent of their online time browsing other ad-supported content, according to a report from the Online Publishers Association. By delivering ads throughout AlmondNet's Post-Search Network, Lycos enables its advertisers to reach and interact with consumers on the sites where they spend 95 percent of their time. The ads delivered to consumers, based on their recently-conducted searches on major search engine pages, enable the advertisers to interact with consumers in an environment where there is less competition for their attention, rather than other Paid Search advertisement distribution channels, which tend to have more crowded search result pages. "AlmondNet's Post-Search offers Lycos the ability to expand our AdBuyer paid-search distribution to content sites throughout the Web, providing a valuable new source of high-quality traffic for our advertisers' campaigns," said Adam L. Soroca, General Manager of Search Services for Lycos. Using its patented Post-Search technology solution, AlmondNet will distribute targeted Lycos paid-search ads on content sites throughout the Web. For example, consumers who search for car insurance information at a major search engine will see car insurance-related ads when they visit a sports site, a news site, or any other content site. "Post-Search offers consumers the advantage of viewing online ads relevant to the products and services that they're interested in most," said Roy Shkedi, founder and CEO, AlmondNet.

About AlmondNet

Founded in 1998, AlmondNet ( is a New York-based media and advertising technology company that revolutionizes search and makes the Internet advertising market efficient by distributing relevant paid search ads to people wherever they go, based on recent searches they made.

About Lycos, Inc.

Lycos is one of the original and most widely known Internet brands in the world, evolving from one of the first search engines on the web, into a comprehensive network of social media web sites that foster online communities.

Lycos has been a pioneer in intelligent spidering search technology, combining its proprietary technology with other best in class search services to provide a powerful and relevant search experience for its users.

Times change, and Lycos has changed with them, evolving into digital media power house with two major divisions

Lycos, is a network of easy to use community and social sites. Lycos's award-winning products and services include tools for blogging, web publishing and hosting, online games, e-mail, and search. The Lycos Network of sites and services include, Tripod, Angelfire, HotBot, Gamesville, WhoWhere, and Lycos Mail. Integrated, these sites help in bringing people together to interact, conduct commerce, have fun, and experience the best the Internet has to offer, is in our DNA. We offer 40 Local Sites in 120 Languages with a community spanning across 177 Countries. Lycos consistently averages 12 - 15 million monthly unique visitors in the U.S.

Lycos employs over 500 people working out of 24 offices worldwide, including the US, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Sweden, Serbia, Israel, China, Thailand, Panama, India, Emirates, Russia and Australia, and with representatives or partners in Spain, South Africa, and The Netherlands.

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Date: 2005-04-06