NATALIE PORTMAN, Most-Searched "Star Wars" Actor
OOLA, Most-Searched "Star Wars" Character

"STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH," Most Popular "Star Wars" Prequel with Web Users;
"STAR WARS" KID, Top "Star Wars" Fad

WALTHAM, Mass. - May 17, 2007 - Lycos, Inc. (, a leading community destination for broadband entertainment content, today announced the following information from The Lycos 50, a weekly list of the most popular people, places and things Lycos users search for every day. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Star Wars," Lycos announces the most popular "Star Wars" related terms over the past 30 years, based on web user searches. The Lycos 50 "Star Wars" list is based on Lycos user searches from May 12, 2006 through May 12, 2007. For a complete list of The Lycos 50 top "Star Wars" search terms, and for in-depth commentary of The Lycos 50 Daily Report, go to Numerous "Star Wars" video highlights can also be found on Lycos MIX, located at

Top 25 "Star Wars" Search Terms:
1) Natalie Portman
2) Oola
3) Endor
4) Harrison Ford
5) Yoda
6) Hayden Christensen
7) Carrie Fisher
8) Darth Vader
9) Jawa
10) Princess Leia
11) "Star Wars" Kid
12) Ewan McGregor
13) John Williams "Star Wars" Music
14) Obi-Wan Kenobi
15) Jedi
16 "Revenge of the Sith"
17) Wookie
18) Jedi Mind Tricks
19) Light Saber
20) Wicket
21) George Lucas
22) Darth Maul
23) Han Solo
24) Mark Hamill
25) Ewok

Of the top "Star Wars" topics over the past 30 years, Actress Natalie Portman has the honor of being the most popular "Star Wars" related search term with web users, generating 679% more online interest than the next most popular "Star Wars" actor, Harrison Ford. However, Portman's alter ego, Queen Padme Amidala, did not register a blip on the radar with web users, as legendary "Star Wars" character, Oola, who met her fate at the hands of Jabba the Hutt in "Return of the Jedi," is the most-searched character. Oola generated 479% more interest than Yoda, and 727% more interest than Darth Vader.

Looking back at the six "Star Wars" films from 1977 through 2005, "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith" is the most-searched movie prequel, while the original "Star Wars" film is the most popular in the trilogy series with users. The "Star Wars" kid is the most popular "Star Wars" fad. The Lycos 50 first reported on the "Star Wars" kid in May 2003, when a then 15-year-old teen from Quebec, known only as Ghyslain, became a pop culture icon after a goofy video featuring the teen dancing around with a light saber, surfaced on the internet. During the height of his popularity online, the "Star Wars" kid was more popular than actor Jim Carrey and the hot summer film of 2003, "Dumb and Dumberer."

Top 10 "Star Wars" Humans:
10 Natalie Portman
2) Harrison Ford
3) Hayden Christensen
4) Carrie Fisher
5) Ewan McGregor
6) John Williams Music
7) George Lucas
8) Mark Hamill
9) Anthony Daniels
10) Kenny Baker

Top 10 "Star Wars" Characters:
1) Oola
2) Yoda
3) Darth Vader
4) Jawa
5) Princess Leia
6) Obi-Wan Kenobi
7) Wicket
8) Han Solo
9) Luke Skywalker
10) Artoo Detoo

Additional Notes of Interest:

  • Nearly 80% of the top 25 "Star Wars" related search terms made their debuts with the original "Star Wars" trilogy films introduced in 1977 through 1983.
  • Search queries for "Star Wars character Artoo Detoo are 100% more popular than search queries for the term R2-D2.
  • Darth Vader receives 2,000% more online interest than Darth Maul.
  • John Williams "Star Wars" music is 613% more popular than "Star Wars" creator George Lucas.
  • Search activity for humans Anthony Daniels and, a.k.a. C-3PO and R2-D2, are 100% more popular with web users than James Earl Jones, David Prowse and Peter Mayhew, the humans behind "Star Wars" characters Darth Vader and Chewbacca.

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